Hello everyone * - *
My name is Monasax95 but everyone knows me as Mony.
This blog was born from my passion for shopping and photography, the same i have in my real life.

Above all, I mostly share my current outfits, all the delicious details and just about anything else I find adorable.

Well what can I say about myself?
Well, one thing I can definitely say is that I am a lover of shopping.
The purpose of this blog is just that. I would love to share my adoration for fashion with all of you. 
My best reward is receive your approval and continued exposure of my blog.
I would like to become one of your favorite bloggers, so please don't forget to follow me. 
That would be pretty sweet! Remember fashion is for anyone & everyone.

For me, photography is the fragment of a second that even though it is so small and delicate, 
in itself manages to keep hundreds and hundreds of memories good or bad they are. 
Are those little fragments of our lives that are essential for us to remember every day.  
They are essential because, maybe you can draw a smile or a tear. They point out that although 
you had a pain or joy, you know how nice it was that time. Because in the end if you 
take a picture, that memory, that little snippet, will never leave you. ❥

Anyone interested in getting information on items not included in the descriptions that follow in the post, can contact me by:

 - Send a notecard to MonaSax95 with the number of Look and the items that you want to receive info

NO IM please, often get lost and can not answer.

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